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TLH Card Holders Program // 002

TLH Card Holders Program // 002

TLH MULTI 2.0 Card Holder Program 002:

The program consists of 7 secret releases and garments that will be unaccessible to the public and never to be seen or remade again. This program will give card holders access to our hugely sought after 'TLH 2.0' in a 7 piece collectors edition series. By participating in each release you will have the opportunity to hold the entire collection of these special collectors edition pieces.

Each release and garment will be made in the 'TLH 2.0' silhouette in 7 different colourways. The colourways chosen are a derivative of the colours seen on the 'TLH Multi 2.0'. Plus the addition of a Black and White 'TLH 2.0' - which will be the first release of the program.

Rules and parameters of the program:

1. This program is strictly for those that purchased their TLH Multi 2.0 directly from Geedup Co. We will enforce this by the customer profile being tagged and identified as a purchaser.

2. If your customer profile is not tagged with the correct identifying data, your purchase will be deemed invalid and will be cancelled and refunded.

3. Once granted access each customer will be able to make a purchase of 1 item only. If you revisit the link for a second purchase both your orders will be cancelled and refunded and your customer profile will be subsequently removed from the program.

4. The item released is 'Made to order'. This means the garment is not bulk produced, it will be manufactured specifically for you upon confirmation. This process protects the amount of these styles in circulation.

5. You will be made aware of the release via SMS and email to the phone number and email on your customer profile that was used to purchase the TLH Multi 2.0. Once each release is live, you will have a 3 hour window to make your purchase. After 3hrs the product link will be terminated - so you need to get online fast!

6. Your TLH 2.0 will take up to 30 days to produce and dispatch. Please allow this time as it is produced as a one off item for each customer.

7. As per the previous release - your TLH 2.0 will come boxed and gift wrapped in one of our Tier 1 product boxes.

Keep your phones and emails close, you'll be updated with a purchase link and access password in the coming weeks.


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