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Our Story

Our Story

From West Sydney Australia to the world, Geedup represents the go-getters and underdogs who don't take no for an answer.

Since 2010, Geedup has been synonymous with street and hip-hop culture, and by putting community at the forefront, they are fuelled by a relentless determination to redefine what it means to be a successful brand. Geedup uses premium streetwear as the vehicle for this central ethos, with all of our drops gratefully selling out at times within minutes online. Geedup is for those who have faced closed doors and dead ends, only to break their way into the building and take over. More than just clothing, Geedup is a collective for those who have taken the road less traveled, or better yet, those who are carving their own path unapologetically - whether that be in music, the arts, sports, or anything in between. People not only purchase clothes and subscribe to the Geedup mentality, but many have since gotten the brand's logo permanently tattooed on them - a testament to the fiercely loyal community that has developed over the past decade.

G’d up – “To be amazing at something and succeed extremely. Murk all others and destroy competition.”

Play for keeps, forever & always.


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