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Our Story

Our Story

From West Sydney Australia to the world, Geedup represents the go-getters, hustlers and underdogs who don't take no for an answer.
Since 2010, Geedup has been synonymous with street and hip-hop culture, and by putting community at the forefront, they are fuelled by a relentless determination to redefine what it means to be a successful brand. Geedup uses premium streetwear as the vehicle for this central ethos, with all of our drops gratefully selling out at times within minutes online. Geedup is for those who have faced closed doors and dead ends, only to break their way into the building and take over. More than just clothing, Geedup is a collective for those who have taken the road less traveled, or better yet, those who are carving their own path unapologetically - whether that be in music, the arts, sports, or anything in between. People not only purchase clothes and subscribe to the Geedup mentality, but many have since gotten the brand's logo permanently tattooed on them - a testament to the fiercely loyal community that has developed over the past decade.
We began in a garage in West Sydney back in 2010, printing shirts for the wider community that were inspired by gangster rap, graffiti, and crime families of decades past. A brick and mortar store was soon opened in the heart of West Sydney to great success, but the rapidly changing retail space directed us to change strategy and shut our doors. The brand took a year off to realign our focus and draw up a clear strategy on the whiteboard, before relaunching assertively in 2019. Two major changes defined the new era of Geedup: Everything would be sold online; and all items would be limited to one drop, never be restocked again. It worked. We quickly expanded exponentially, while products became highly sought after and consistently sold out.
We also began using our platform to collaborate more heavily with members of their extended family, especially the unstoppable swell of rappers and athletes that were emerging out of Australia. Their garments became commonplace in viral music videos, worn by game-changing artists like Hooligan Hefs, Day1 and RV and more. Meanwhile, star boxers like George Kambosos Jr began repping Geedup in the ring as our biggest sports partnership to date, while our hoodies became a staple for rugby league players off the field. Having eclipsed all expectations for the brand, we began diversifying our products, including expanding into more luxury items that could only be accessed by the most loyal customers. We began seeing immense growth in New Zealand, and the UK and also ventured over to ComplexCon in the United States, where we eventually opened our second HQ office with the help of AJ Garcia of formative streetwear giant Crooks & Castles in Los Angeles, our now second home. 
Back in 2010, Geedup defined its own namesake: "To be amazing at something and succeed extremely. Murk all others and destroy competition." Over time, we have fulfilled that mission statement, encapsulating their core values of loyalty, perseverance, strength and individuality while becoming a truly global phenomenon. With deep-rooted ties to hustlers from all walks of life, everybody applies the Geedup mentality to their chosen field, which has been crucial to the widening span of this success of ours. No amount of marketing money can buy the community ties and   mutual understanding between our family members - something that not many other brands can lay claim to. Geedup is far-reaching, forever expanding, and taking over.
We Play For Keeps Forever & Always. 


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