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Our Story

Our Story

Geedup Clothing is more a family, rather than a brand.

Born in the Summer of 2010, 'Geedup' went from a phrase used on the street, to a label orchestrated by a tight-knit group of young go-getters who began developing garments for the wider community. Driven by the same dreams and energy that shaped hip-hop in the '90s, graffiti in the '80s and crime families in the '70s, these designs became a godsend for those who could relate to similar lifestyles.

The Geedup vision incorporates a strong sense of belonging, loyalty, strength and individuality. The personal experiences from those at the forefront of this dream cultivated a savvy label that still rocks a street aesthetic. Through the initiative of two brothers and a friend, this quickly turned into a brotherhood - tight-knit to this day.

G’d up – “To be amazing at something and succeed extremely. Murk all others and destroy competition."


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