WIN Our Custom '10YR Anniversary'
Geedup Lowrider Harley

Here's How: We have produced a very limited amount of 10yr Anniversary Rings, made from solid S925 silver to celebrate 10yrs of Geedup Co. When you purchase a piece of our history you go directly into the draw to WIN our Custom Harley along with a $10,000 Geedup wardrobe. (T&C’s apply.)

The Ring: Hand crafted from solid S925 silver, with luxury rhodium coating and weighing in at 36grams, your ring is the first character of our CORE Logo, the 'G’ redesigned to fit the design and shape of a ring. Countless designs came across the table before a decision was made to keep this piece super clean though loud enough to make a statement. Your ring comes custom packaged with its own Geedup certificate. This ring represents for us all - 10yrs in this game. 10yrs of leading Australia's streetwear scene.

The Bike: We have worked along side our good friends at Tailor Made Speed Shop to bring this thing of ours to life. Three long hard months of sleepless nights, countless hours and dollars spent have gone into squeezing 10yrs history into this build. Started off with stripping all the unnecessary trims and factory parts, saddle bags, pipes, windscreen bars, whole front end of the guards and tank down to frame.

From there we stripped apart the front forks, swapped the standard lower fork legs for chrome pieces, stripped out the spring internals and rebuilt the forks with a front air ride set up, using billet fork tops we hid the air lines and with the use of a brand new chromed out freight train headlight nacelle off another model bike we hid all the front air ride components inc: compressor, valve block and wiring behind the headlight.

After this we stripped apart the standard handle bars, fitted longer clutch & throttle cables, ran some billet front indicators, extended the switch block wiring harnesses to run internally through the 16” ape hangers and then slotted the bars so we could hide the front brake line through there too. For front and rear air ride controls we chose to run dual switch blocks off the bars so up and down on the roll is at your finger tips.

From there we moved to the back end pulling out the standard shocks we slipped in a set of chrome air ride shocks and pushed for room we fabricated a compressor set up to sit tucked up between the engine and gearbox. After that it was time to swap out the heritage rear fender for a deluxe fender and tail light assembly only to be cut up and stretched 6”s. While we were at it all unnecessary holes and badges were removed and smoothed over on both the front and rear fenders for a clean look before being handed over to Kyle from Smith Concepts to work his magic on the paint. Kyle spent days on days first laying a jet black side with heavy silver flaked centre base for him to then come back over and pattern out with candy reds, turned silver leaf sections air brushing and finished with 3mm hand pin lined edges to split the colours up.

Lastly we did away with the standard chunky two up seat and opted for a Le Pera solo item only to be handed over to Jake from Boss Trim to cut up and customise with our core logo embroidered into a double diamond stitched suede and wrapped around the outside with black snake skin for contrast. After stripping the standard exhaust and engine accessory’s off we fitted an Arlen Ness big sucker air kit with chrome cover and paired it with a brand new pair of Freedom USA dual fishtail pipes and a tune to get it cracking, we did a full chrome out package on the motor and full chrome billet bolt cap kit so nothing looked out of place or didn’t shine!

March 8th 2021 or until stocks last
March 8th 2021


Each purchase of a ring is one entry into the draw, no limit on how many rings purchased per customer

Winner announced 08.03.21

First tender to purchase the bike when and if the winner decides to sell, at the price of customisation

A disclosed cash offer (AUD) is also on offer if the bike is not suitable for the winner to keep or own (no license, under age, prefers the cash prize over the bike itself etc) This will be paid within 14 days of announcement.

The winner if choosing the cash prize is located in NSW they the option to still have a photo moment and day ride with the bike personally delivered by the Director himself.

Geedup Online PTY LTD is not liable for any damages, maintenance, or service of the bike

Geedup Online PTY LTD is not responsible for registering the bike, the bike is gifted as a custom show piece with owner responsible for any registration

Grab your piece of Geedup History 10yr Anniversary Silver Ring

10YR Anniversary Geedup Silver Ring + (FREE $150 VIP gift pack)


Product Info:

  • FREE VIP Gift pack valued at $150
  • Ring made from solid S925 silver
  • Luxury coated finish with Rhodium
  • Weight at 38grams
  • First character of our CORE logo
  • Custom box with LED light
  • Custom box with 10YR Emblem logo
  • Includes Geedup Co. certificate
  • Made to fit 'Ring' and or 'Pinky' finger
  • Resized at any reputable jeweller

- Strictly no returns, exchanges or refunds.
- Rings dispatched from the 8th of March. (Upon giveaway completion)