Winter '17 - The 'Neighbourhood' Collection


Every neighbourhood has its place, and its people. 

For Winter 2017, we're proud to unveil the 'Neighbourhood' collection - a series of garments derived from elements and ideas existing in neighbourhoods globally - all harnessed with an Australian perspective. With a blend of casual, to more street specific garments inspired right around the hoods in Brooklyn, London, and in our own backyard, the Winter '17 collection brings the rawness of each into every design.

Our neighbourhoods shape our livelihoods, well before we dare explore anything greater. Just like our clothes, our stories are crafted from the themes we live out on a day to day basis.

Every suburb has it's traits, and it's nuances - like the broken bottles and the fence bearing the 'beware of the dog' sign. Hoods have their own unique character - and of course, the people that make it all possible. Every crack in the pavement tells a story and every corner-store has CCTV to prove it.  

"Love thy hood, and thy hood will love you back."

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