Video: I AM D | 'No Inbetweens'

As hip-hop experiences a turn in tastemakers, with a much more promoted focus on tracks that can yield commercial growth and appeal, we, as listeners, generally run into songs that feature repetitive themes, with quite a similar style of production. Drinking, drug use, expensive jewellery - it's all good, but it's a face value theme, and it's been done plenty of times before. What's refreshing is being able to listen to an artist with a clear cut message - something that harbours some depth and some intimacy.

I AM D has been consistently adding to his discography in a great way, with his latest offering titled 'No Inbetweens' as a perfect example. As the statistic stands, one Australian woman is killed by a partner, or former partner, every week, so exploring the real and very serious topic of domestic violence is one that is so unbelievably relevant and important. 'No Inbetweens' is an insight into D's perspective on the matter, as well as a calling for the enabling behaviour and disrespectful attitudes of men to cease abruptly at their roots. On what spurred the writing of the record, he had the following to add.

"I wrote this song because I was listening to Pharrell talk about women one day, and he really went in depth on their beauty and I guess, just how amazing they are as beings," he said.

"After this I started thinking about all the women who undeservedly get mistreated because of insecurities within the man. I had a few things going on at the time seeing women being mistreated - even if it was more mentally rather then physically. It just struck a chord in me and that was the outcome."

Have a listen to the brand new track below.


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