Sydney's Main St. Run The Trap-Rap With 'Usain Bolt'

Main St. is a name synonymous with Western Sydney, and that of the deejay circuit in town.

Having been responsible for a variety of mixes in the past, and doing the rounds at popular nightspots throughout the city for some time, the focus in recording is now shifting to a more brazen blend of hip-hop music and trap, most notably with their latest joint released today titled 'Usain Bolt'.

The track also features a string of artists like Chopper, Persona, Bentley B and R.Soze, with production from I Digress as well. Main St. honcho - Rhys Adams - sheds light on how the direction for more of a posse cut came to fruition, as well as the bangers origin.

"Chopper, Knarley, Sarok and myself have been mates for many, many years doing music on and off, and we linked up with Persona and Bentley B at the start of the year because they were from the area making music too", he says.

"The song was birthed just before the start of the Olympics. I freestyled the hook and was confident that the G.O.A.T would win the 100, 200 and relay - and it all went to plan. The track is just a straight up flex."

There you have it. The group are looking to release a mother project, aptly called Main Street: The Joint Enterprise, in the near future.

Turn the volume clockwise on this one - time to fuck your neighbours up.


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