RG Wings Puts On For Sydney With 'We Them Kings'

Enlisting the help of Melbourne native HFNR on production, RG Wings has curated a heavy banger touched with West Coast influence - fitting, given his roots stem from Sydney's Western suburbs as well.

Gearing up for a full bodied mixtape release titled Heights To The Harbour in late November, this latest single paves the way for a solid homage to the place he calls home, as RG explains.

"I've always been a big advocate for Sydney, as you can hear through the song - my whole life has revolved around the city. The way I've seen people come together and hustle, whether it be the underground music scene, Sydney in general when it came to the nightlife going down the drain, and fighting to get it back", he says.

"God damn - even people like Geedup - putting Sydney on the map through clothing, while also supporting the local artists is what brought me to making the song, the fact we stick together and fight for what we believe in."

While keeping his head down and fine tuning his next body of work, RG Wings plans to 'take flight' - like his signature catchphrase suggests - and land on stages in Sydney at the end of the year with what we can only imagine will be one big turn up.

Keep your eyes peeled.


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