Must Volkoff | 'Jewels & Crystals' feat. Dialect

Well renowned Melbourne producer, Must Volkoff, and Adelaide's own word-surgeon, Dialect, have met in the middle once again for a technical and sonic display that not only lives up to the hype, but smashes that ball out of the park for six.

Dialect made headways on Volkoff's 2013 release White Russian, featuring on two tracks -'Time Wields Everything' and 'Homeostasis' - which both garnered immense interest and support for their brilliant wordplay over iconic Volkoff drums. It's been a wait for fans, but 2016 has brought us two gems, with 'Jewels & Crystals' being the most recent, as well as another titled 'Metastasis' - the follow up to the popular 'Homeostasis'.

'Jewels & Crystals' takes us to the snow peppered bush, with huskies at hand and an ill wardrobe on Dialects back. Must' production stays as on point as ever as well - something not to be slept on.

You can watch and listen to 'Metastasis' by clicking here

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