The dons are back in the building, and they've brought a burner with them.

'Fuego' is the joint in question - curated by heavyweights Koncept and Mike Two and produced by Optiks, all of whom hail from New York City. With an array of singles having been released recently, emcee Koncepts' catalogue is shaping up to be one of the most unique and diverse sounding playlists of anyone on the hip-hop table. As America has an incredibly tight playing field when it comes to the hip-hop community, consistently good music is a sure way to stand out from the crowd, and Kon is one person that is managing that strategy to a tee.

On board is Mike Two, head honcho at ROBOT MUSIC GROUP, and another name that is making serious noise and has been working very closely with Koncept as of late. After releasing his debut LP Thoughts Of A Beautiful Dream earlier this year, he solidified his position amongst the gaggle of singer-songwriters and rappers that inhabit one of the most prolific cities in the world. With no signs of slowing up, his efforts on recent releases have spoken in volumes for him.

Time to vibe out. 'Fuego' is now available through all good music services.