Brisbane continues to bring new things to the table, with a merging of styles within the hip-hop community as of the last year that intend on forming a new taste among young emcees.

Midas Gold is one such name - his introduction into the community was a strong one at the end of 2015, with the release of a banging single titled '000000' - his unique persona and musical twist shining through on that one. Two months ago he packaged up the same hype, and dropped another single, this one shortened to '$$$' which has been fairing well as of late. Midas has picked a style that isn't being utilised all that much across the hip-hop scene here, and its differences are welcomed.

To add pack to the punch, I AM D just jumped on the remix of '$$$', and that in itself is a mic-drop type of event. He picked up the pace over two verses with Midas on the hook, doing what the dude has been doing best, month after month - you just have to hear it to know what we're talking about.

Consumer warning: Must be played very loud, both at home and in the car.