We’ve been very blessed over the years to meet an abundance of people that have helped contribute to our creative vision. The fashion industry, across all codes, is tough terrain to cover, and although we’ve always put 100% of ourselves into our work, the assistance we’ve received has never gone unnoticed.

Trevene – or TK, as he is known to most - is a long standing friend, but a photographer and events manager that takes us way back – we’re talking our earliest days, in 2010. Having conducted our first photoshoot in the now deceased Backroom club on Roslyn Street in Kings Cross, that professional relationship was established. That was our first release of tee’s and headwear, and we styled it in the middle of the venue one night. Some of our most favoured photos to this day originate from that exact shoot.

We linked again in 2013 to work on projects for various magazines - copping features in Acclaim and Vice respectively. Our reunion took the form of an editorial shoot with our friends Nat and Brooke – developing that female style into our predominantly male-marketed brand. This time period was important for us, as we were transitioning from just being a suburban brand with lots of links in the Greater West, to one with a bit of notoriety around the city.

This brings us to the present. As trends have come and gone over the years, we’ve always thought about incorporating women into the mix – wanting to see our take on street culture develop amongst the girls in our Geedup community. Shot at Barangaroo apartments, featuring Rosy and Cobi, we’ve been able to bring that idea to fruition with the use of our latest women’s and unisex styles.

It’s a big leap from 2010, and the progress has been crazy – still with TK on the lens. Some things just never change.