Here's to representing a part of the world that breeds fighters - those down for the cause, and those that put weight behind their words like they would on a set of scales. We are the underdogs on life's undercard, and we have love for everybody that's in our corner.

Our Adelaide homie Terry Nickolas (IG handle @tc_nicks) knows to go 12 rounds or nothing - we play for keeps, after all. Terry has been an avid representative of our label, and has recently secured his spot as an Australian boxing champion, coming in at number 1 in his 69kg weight division at the Commonwealth Games trials in Sydney. Terry was an ambassador long before this post was written – in it for the love – but we’re here to cement that title in place. We’re with him with every step, duck, weave, jab and hook to the top. We're excited for the next chapter and welcome Terry on board.

Shouts to all the interstate role players flying the flag, as well as those on home soil. It's blood, sweat and tear season for the competition, remember that when you’re doing your thing. We support you all the way!

Succeed extremely – murk all others, and destroy competition.