Our fellow Sydney homies LMXEC have blessed us with a new track from their forthcoming release titled OVERTIME 3.

The hype has been steadily building over a period of months for the next LMXEC instalment, coming off the back of Gully Snuff - the underground anthem and film clip featuring B Dillz that received serious shine in the underground scene.

Believe explores notions of feeling fragile - in ones own mind, and with regards to life itself. Its themes revolve around asking the big questions and attempting to answer them, compiled into two verses that Lee Monro and Ello C break down individually. Timba is a young, but incredibly welcome voice on this track too with chorus noise that rounds off this melody nicely.

If Believe is anything to go by, OVERTIME 3 is looking like a seriously challenging and eye-opening addition to the scene - something we need.

Salute fam!