I AM D | 'Obvious'

Hip-hop - being so deeply riddled with street sentiments - often calls for commentary on ones stomping ground. Territory, and certain upbringings and surroundings, call for social commentary that rap can provide. It's an underlying theme that stretches through the hip-hop culture globally that artists use to identify themselves and educate others.

'Obvious' is no exception.

Over a beat produced by Perth producer Ta-ku, Brisbane's I AM D touches on the notions of residing in a living, breathing metropolis, and exploring it on foot. This idea incites a pretty nostalgic feel, as it's applicable to many different locations. In Obvious, the storytelling aspect is intrinsically linked to the emotions you get, from D comparing materialistic things like buildings and trains to the way they can make a person feel. In a metaphorical sense, it's brilliant.

The reference to the city being a 'concrete jungle' describes the enormities of making something of yourself surrounded by animals, but also the endless opportunities available to those that stay focused, and do what they can to achieve their goals. Underneath all of this is a statement - the same one that sits with a lot of artists. It's a proud thing, relating to the place you're from and representing it to the fullest.

"Whether it's Berlin, L.A or New York
Whether it's Rome or Paris, I got my eye full
But Brissy is the city I'm from,
And you can call me D, my stories just begun.."


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