On August 8, as the night fell in Brooklyn, so too did a god in the hip-hop community.

Sean Du-Val Price was a lot of things. Throughout the '90s, he was a certified heavyweight on the microphone as a member of Boot Camp Clik, a hip-hop powerhouse comprised of members Buckshot, Smif-N-Wessun, O.G.C. and of course - Sean's original project 'Heltah Skeltah' - consisting of himself rhyming as 'Ruck and Jahmal Bush as 'Rock'.

The Heltah Skeltah days gave Price an amazing amount of attention within the community, and a platform to launch his ever so successful solo career. Rock and Ruck first debuted on Smif-N-Wessuns 1995 album Da Shinin, and cemented their status as two underground figures to be not be overlooked. They upped the ante in 1996 with Heltah Skeltah's own debut effort Nocturnal, and this was followed up by Magnum Force in 1998 and D.I.R.T. (Da Incredible Rap Team) in 2008. HS had an impressive run and their influence was abundant. At the turn of the century however - namely the early 2000's - P's focus was on himself.

Duck Down Records released his solo LP Monkey Barz in 2005, and Sean Price became an entity on his own - and one to not fuck with when it came to rap. He had always had a special type of charisma, presence, chemistry and wit in his delivery and flow, but reverting to his original title meant this became a daunting reality for other rappers. Jesus Price Supastar dropped in 2007 and his beastly release Mic Tyson came in 2012, another slap in the face for all those that weren't aware of the history planted on this mans shoulders and what he was truly capable of.

Once Sean Price stepped away from the stage and the booth however, it was a different story. The larger than life human being that talked to the streets was now spreading wisdom and love amongst his family.

With three children and a devoted wife by his side, Sean P was recognised as a real man, in both the hip-hop scene with unrelenting lyrical ability, and at home, where it mattered most to those who loved him dearly. In writing this, it's pretty evident that the love for Price will continue to stretch globally, and as news of his passing hit, the show of emotion across continents was overwhelming.

Rhymesayers artist and friend of Price', Brother Ali, took to Instagram to share some insight on the Sean he knew, when both himself and Price were on tour in Australia and had stopped at Adelaide airport.

"Sean P spots a donut joint with the super artistic gourmet icing. He was so inspired, he bought an entire dozen and spent the layover passing them out to strangers because he didn't eat donuts. When the treats were gone, he told our tour crew about his favorite food - his wife's chicken wings - and Facetimed her to let everyone say hello so she knew we were thinking about her. P was a beautiful dude."

In memory of such an inspirational and infectious character, our good friend I AM D has recently put together a track to pay homage to the late great Sean P. The beat was made by Australian producer M-Phazes, who in 2013 constructed an entire LP with Sean Price titled Land Of The Crooks.  

And on that note, rest in peace, P Body.

Sean Price's 8 track posthumous work titled Songs In The Key Of Price is now available to buy online and stream via Spotify.