Today In Hip-Hop | Locksmith Releases 'Lofty Goals'

The Bay Area can celebrate today, as one of their very own and best artists releases his highly anticipated body of work titled Lofty Goals today, June 30.

Coming out of Richmond, California of Iranian and African-American descent, Locksmith has been discovering and developing himself and his sound from an early age. Humble beginnings make for infamous stories, and one thing this artist is renowned for is his intricate and powerful story telling ability - using truth and raw emotion as a driving force in each one of his tracks. Hailing from a battle rap and freestyle background, the hip-hop fundamentals of not being afraid to speak ones mind and deliver powerful lyricism, are encapsulated in every album of Locks, and just as much - if not more - in his fifth studio album.

Lofty Goals is a testament to the hard work Locksmith has been putting in since his 2014 record A Thousand Cuts, where the subject matter has diversified and strengthened through his own growing process. A title about rising above and going beyond, Locksmith has prepared an album that forces you to look deeper than just rap. 

Lofty Goals is available now on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Damaging Images


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