Winter 2015 | The Concrete Jungle

A playground - not for the faint of heart - where graffiti trickles down the cracks in the walls like rain through the treetops. A place where lions and gazelle live, but take shape in the hearts of men and women that either choose to rule, or run scared with fear of death. We are a product of the Animal Kingdom, where we fight to survive each and every day – where some live free through dominance, and others are swallowed by the gutter in the blink of an eye.

Our jungle home has a name of its very own. It’s called Sydney, and the creatures that inhabit its streets carry names and faces unique to every address. Where the roar of heavy machinery and the downtrodden, far exceed that of wilder beasts on the plains of Africa.

This is our home, where the sun scorches us one day, and the winter breeze turns our knuckles chalk-white the next.We live, and will die here, but until such a day comes, we will govern this pavement with ferocity like no other.“Murk all others and destroy competition” – words burnt into the brains of those who choose to be kings of the concrete jungle, and don’t settle for a role any lesser.

We are Geedup Co.

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