The '90s made us all want to jump, especially with the help of young cats Kriss Kross.

Chris 'Daddy Mac' Smith and partnerChris 'Mac Daddy' Kelly were best friends as of Grade 1. Raised in Atlanta, they began performing at an early age and were scouted by Jermaine Dupri in 1991 while performing at a shopping centre. Dupri himself is a record producer, songwriter and rapper, but at 19 years old, he found himself taking on a founders role for Kriss Kross. With Dupri producing, the teen duo released Totally Krossed Out - an album that went multi-platinum and catapulted the boys into intense limelight around America and the world.

Due to the incredible success of singles 'Jump' and It's A Shame', the duo signed with Ruffhouse Records and began to build their profiles. Known for the gimmick of wearing their clothing backwards, the two started to build on incredibly catchy hooks and built a joyous and upbeat vibe to the hip-hop scene in the golden age and beyond.

On this day in 2013 - the same year Kriss Kross performed their final show ever to a home crowd - Chris Kelly was found unconscious, and unresponsive inside his house. That same afternoon at 5pm, he was pronounced dead at 34 years of age.

It was revealed by family that Kelly had a history of drug use, and that those closest to him had coaxed him back home in an attempt for him to remain sober and kick the habit. A toxicology report released in July 2013 suggested that Kelly had a mixture of narcotics in his system when he overdosed, including heroin and cocaine.

Kelly left a legacy behind, and one that inspired rappers to start rapping in the first place. In their heyday, Kriss Kross were the youngest rap duo to gain commercial success, with gold and platinum selling albums, at only 11 and 12 years old.

The road of success is paved with so many obstacles, it's difficult to see what can come next. Kelly lives on in the spirit of hip-hop, forever.