Freddie Gibbs has finally released the long anticipated film-clip to 'Pronto' - the lead track of his recent EP of the same name that has been thumping through speakers since March 9.

The clip features a shitload of snakes, to begin with. Freddie is kitted out with pythons of various sizes and styles draping his neck, and just about every other part of his body, as the black and white frames move around to the music. Strapped with a doobie and accompanied by a pair of busty broads, this is Gibbs in his element.

A lot of blogs and critics are saying the clip is reminiscent of Tupacs famous bathtub photoshoot with David LaChapelle, and as the two share similar mannerisms, it's easy to see why they would come to that conclusion.

With direction from Nick Walker, the visuals are something we've never really seen from the man before. Check for yourself.