Cary Guy, aka Big Shug, has been a rap aficionado for decades.

His love for the game that took him from Boston's violent underground in Mattapan - which carries the nickname 'Murdapan' in some circles - has peaked today on March 17, as the man can officially say he's dropped his fifth studio album - Triple OGzus.

As a member of the Gangstarr Foundation, Shug held close ties with legends Guru and DJ Premier in the golden age of hip-hop, but things were not always so clear cut at the beginning of Shugs career. Growing with family troubles at an early age - experiencing his mother walk out on his family, and a father addicted to alcohol - the street mentality harboured itself inside him, and his status as a gangster began to brew as a teenager and into his early twenties when he made profit from the crack trade. Shug is noted as being a key mentor of Guru at the beginning of his emcee phase, encouraging him to rhyme, but the two were separated when Shug was put in prison, and Guru moved to New York and started Gang Starr with the legendary DJ Premier. Upon his release, Preemo and Gu welcomed Shug with open arms, and his rap career got serious.

It's been three years since his last record 'I.M.4-EVA' was released, so the hype for this particular body of work is quite substantial. The album itself features production from DJ Premier, who's worked on a number of his other projects, as well as Kidd Called Quest, Reel Drama, MosS and many others - even Shug himself handled one of the album tracks titled 'Days Go By'. With 18 racks in total, the features stay relevant, with longtime friends Reks, Termanology and Singapore Kane making appearances, as well as an interesting addition of his own son, Trumayne, getting on a beat.

This will be another heavy hitting hip-hop record, as Big Shug is well known for his down to earth, powerful style. To put it plainly, a quote from the artist himself will sum it up.

"Triple OGzus represents me as a street veteran, underground icon and original gangster who is always wise to the game. I love the fans and will always represent authentic hip-hop music with my soul."