January 15 - exactly 24 years ago to this day - is when a second piece of the Gang Starr legacy was brought into the world.

Comprising of the great emcee Guru and DJ Premier, Gang Starr is considered as one of the best and most influential hip-hop acts to ever grace the scene. Their influence stems from the very early years of hip-hop culture, when Guru and Premier were known as heavyweights on the underground scene. Their music remained raw, while exploring sensitive issues and tapping into the jazz and soul roots that the two were familiar with in the late '80s.

Step In The Arena is the duo's second album, and in 2007 was considered the greatest hip-hop album of all time by IGN.com. Those who have followed Gang Starr's progression throughout their era will always discuss which album of theirs is a favourite - or better than the last - but it's evident that all records released under the Gang Starr emblem were gems, and iconic in their own way.

Singles that appeared on this album were 'Just To Get A Rep' - the short version - as well as 'Step In The Arena', 'Lovesick' and 'Who's Gonna Take The Weight?'. 

A day like this celebrates the birth of something fantastic, while also reflecting on the passing of Guru, who was so diverse in his creation of music, and who built a story alongside Premier that stretched the world over.

Gang Starr, forever.