As Christmas sits on the horizon, new product continues to hit shelves in both our Parramatta and Darlinghurst stores.

The bridge between Winter, Spring and Summer has seen us experiment with new styles - as well as some old favourites - to produce injections that go against the grain. The dramatic change in weather has seen the colours we use change from dark and deep hues to something with a bit more flare, in some instances.

This latest range across Spring and Summer comes to include chino shorts, t-shirts, swim shorts, half mesh-cotton singlets, button-up shirts, tank-tops and sports bags - not to mention bucket hats and basketball jerseys that are set for release at a later date.

This collection for the end of 2014 offers the most variety we've ever had the pleasure of producing in one injection. Just this range in itself marks the beginning of something much bigger in terms of style choice for the year ahead. 

As a customer, you can expect styles that differentiate you from the pack, and speak volumes, without you having to say a word.

Alex Kerti and Rhys Adams - our two main men - were on the scene once again today for our latest photoshoot.