Today In Hip-Hop | Dj Premier and Royce Da 5'9 Release 'PRhyme'

Tuesday, December 9, 2014, is a highly anticipated date in the hip-hop calendar, and one that adds an interesting milestone with it.

PRhyme is the collaborative effort by American hip-hop veterans and masterminds DJ Premier and Royce Da 5'9, who have teamed up to create an album of the same name, and add another long awaited and incredible chapter to their careers. On September 15 of this year, the pair announced that they would be releasing an album, which got a heavy nod of approval from artists and music critics alike, as well as sending fans into a frenzy.

DJ Premier is one of the most influential and long standing hip-hop connoisseurs to do it, as well as being - arguably - the greatest hip-hop producer the game has ever seen. He was one part of the duo Gangstarr, alongside the late emcee Guru, and has worked with artists high and low to develop not only his craft, but those who beg for his beats.

Royce Da 5'9 is no average artist either. His impressive career has seen him spitting in the late '90s when he first worked with Eminem, to rhyming alongside fellow artists in his outfit Slaughterhouse. Royce's quick wit, smooth delivery and undeniably dope beats - courtesy of more high profile producers than you can poke a stick at - have landed him in a position today where he can stand alongside one of the greatest behind the wheels of steel and announce a record.

The lead single is called 'Courtesy', which also has a videoclip to match, alongside the teaser 'U Looz' and the obvious choice 'PRhyme'. The album also has guest appearances from heads such as Schoolboy Q, Jay Electronica, Mac Miller, Common, and a cast of others, that round off this creative piece as one of the best of the year, no doubt.

This is just one more step in the right direction, and could see the boundaries of hip-hop music bent and warped into a position far stronger than the present, if such a formidable team is to stick around. It's PRhyme time, folks.



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