Today In Hip-Hop | The Buffing Of 5 Pointz

Referred to as the 'Mecca' for graffiti around the world, 5 Pointz - also named 'The Institute of Higher Burning' - holds a special place in history.

The 19,000m2 factory space, located at 45-46 Davis Street in Long Island City, Queens, New York, has long been the location for all things hip-hop. Not only has it seen the faces of graffiti kings from all corners of the globe, but the space has been the feature for hip-hop and R&B music videos, Hollywood films, breakdancing and urban exploration for decades.

Sadly, the lifespan of 5 Pointz was brutally severed and disrespected on the night of November 19, 2013, when a city awoke to find the site buffed in dreary white paint. 

Protests bore down on the Wolkoff family and the developers of the same name, after they planned a $400 million building project which involved knocking the whole site down and replacing the artists' walls with condos. Despite a public petition and rally on November 16 to stop the council from going through with the deal, the buffing marked the end of an era.

5 Pointz curator and artist 'Meres One' had hoped to turn the site into one huge art museum, but the subsequent whitewashing diminished any hope. Demolition of the spot started in February this year.

Artists called it 'art murder' - the Wolkoffs and a New York committee called it business. The life and love invested into 5 Pointz will always live on with those who were there to witness its greatness. Street art will always grow and adapt despite a suit and tie saying that it can't. 

For the love. R.I.P 5 Pointz.

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