One of Brisbane City's most prolific crews have put their mark on October 17, with the official release of their record 'Kold Heat'. 

The album - spearheaded by Jake Biz, Lazy Grey and DJ Dcide - has been a heavily anticipated one, with support brewing from all corners of the hip-hop community. 750 Rebels are a well connected crew, comprised of artists and creatives alike, that pride themselves on their ability to see through the hype, and produce music that is tailored to their interests and individual history.

With production from Sean B, and featuring the likes of Delta, Bias B, Bigfoot and Ciecmate - just to rattle off a few heads - it's a given that 750's contribution is a well timed, well put together piece of music that will be rattling car boots from East to West. If you don't know, now you know.

Props to all the men involved - your contributions to the scene have been dramatic and have not gone unnoticed over the many years you've been rocking it. Now to cop it on wax...

Bring it to ya city, people!