Remembering Trigz

Within the last 48 hours, across different parts of the world, we've been hearing sad news of the passing of one of Los Angeles' most renowned creatives - Mr Trigz.

The infamous graffiti writer, tattoo artist, body-piercer, actor and father of five - born Michael Christopher Pebley - was shot outside a tattoo parlour in North Hollywood by an unidentified man, and left to die in the street. What's believed to have started with a remark made against Pebley inside the Black Derby Smoke Shop on Laurel Canyon Boulevard on Thursday, led to the two men brawling in the store, before tensions spilled onto the street and left the stranger pulling a gun on the local celebrity.

Word has quickly spread, as people pay their respects to the man they loved and knew, or simply for the writer and artist that was a small inspiration to some across the other side of the world.

Trigz had a criminal history, and was known to LAPD for his graffiti exploits across the city for many years, and stories have always circulated as to whether or not he was a gang member. Speculation is the last thing we want to do when sharing news like this, though. Amongst his various alliances, he was also a member of the highly respected Seventh Letter Crew from LA - our condolences go out to the clique with big street visions that lost one of their own in such horrible circumstances. The tributes flow for a dude that seemed to love his craft from day dot, and had walls of Los Angeles' preaching his name.

Bay Area based Clout Magazine conducted an interview with Trigz while he was incarcerated in 2009 in Ironwood State Prison, California. When asked about his style of graff, and criticism from others, he had this to say.

"My thing was getting up. I never gave a fuck about style as much as getting up. Give me some silver and black and I'm out to smash the streets of Los Angeles. All I have to say to them is get off the computer and go paint the streets. Don't talk about it, be about it".

Don't talk about it - be about it. If we can take away something, even the smallest thing from this, it's that those words ring true, no matter who you are or the profession that you choose.

R.I.P Mr Trigger.


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