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GEEDUP Co. // AfterPay & Zip Pay Available.

Jeswon | The Homie

2014 has been one hell of a year so far.

It's a complete spin out to be sitting almost midway through October, and looking back on what has transpired, not only for Geedup, but our boys Thundamentals. We play different games, but we click creatively as if it was only yesterday we kicked the relationship off.

Speaking of yesterday, we hung with Jes, who was rocking around Surry Hills in our latest Sportsman gear. We had our dude Adam Scarf snapping away pictures as we kicked the shit, and got in a good session with some even better photos.

Thundamentals began their national tour with the Hilltop Hoods today, as they dart off to rock the roof of each and every venue, we're taking the time to reflect on what we've all achieved.

Massive ups Jeswon, and all the boys - you're a bunch of legends!

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