I AM D | 'September 1st' EP

It's about that time - time that our boy I AM D dropped his next release in the form of an EP.

September 1st has seen D traverse a vast creative landscape since his first official drop of 'The Daley Grind' EP earlier this year. It's been a long road, paved with the winning of the Hilltop Hood's Initiative of $10,000 dollars to kick things off, the collaborations with both local and foreign artists and a shit-load of song writing. The outcome has produced a collection of emotive and heartfelt music that hits home as much as it makes you want to knock it out the trunk of your car.

September 1st is a number of things.

Firstly, it's a gem that Brisbane City can hold onto. D is proud of the place he lives, and the first track 'Four One Five' cements that fact.

Secondly, it's a real showcase to the depth of not only his lyricism, but his thinking. There are some obvious topics of conversation here that are difficult for some people to talk about, let alone structure into a song. I'll let you listen to discover what those topics are, and how he has addressed them.

Lastly, and certainly not least, this EP is a major stepping stone for incredible things. The notoriety behind this artist has been growing since his first solo track, and the momentum has been moving along swiftly ever since. Triple J's hip-hop show has been spinning his work for some time now and continues to do so, and with heavy joints like '91 Steeze' featuring Torae - one of the most respected and crafty emcees out of New York - there's no surprise as to why.

We have big love for this production, and big love for this artist. You can grab the EP here, and be sure to keep up to date with I AM D's moves on Instagram by following @iamdmygee.

Props on another success Tom, we'll be playing it loud!



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