Today In Hip-Hop | KRS-One Releases 'Return Of The Boom Bap'


September 28, 1993 - six years after the death of Scott La Rock - marked an important milestone for the man regarded as one of the greatest legends in hip-hop history.

Lawrence Krisna Parker, more commonly known as KRS-One, released his first solo album on this date through Jive Records titled Return Of The Boom Bap. This added to an already impressive collection of musical accolades he had built with Boogie Down Productions as a crew. On October 16 of the same year, the album peaked at number 37 on the Billboard 200 charts, but in 1998 it was picked in The Source magazines' 100 Best Rap Albums.

Unlike a lot of the work KRS did with Boogie Down, he decided to step back on the production side of things this time around, and had a small crew step in to mix things up. Some of the names included Showbiz, Kid Capri and DJ Premier, all of whom are considered some of the deadliest on the wheels of steel. Singles that featured on the record were the old school jams 'Sound Of Da Police' and 'Outta Here'.

A solo career that took hold 21 years ago has flourished and expanded into a life of culturally articulate and powerful moves, from music, to political views. KRS-One is a king of the culture, and somebody that has shaped lives, not just banging beats. Respect is owed to the man from The Bronx, who did it bigger than just New York City.




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