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The homie Ron is undoubtedly one of the most talented tattooist we have seen, and his workmanship, skill and craft never ceases to amaze. We're proud to have him on board as an ambassador of the brand, and our Creative Director, Jake, is no doubt just as proud to be sporting some of this amazing artist's best work!

We headed over to Live Canvas Tattoo Studio in Crows Nest last week to spend the afternoon with the man himself. We caught some footage, ate some lamb shanks and watched on as he dominated a stomach piece of Thugs Mansion, complete with portraits of hip-hop heavyweights, Biggie and Pac.

Here is what he has to say about himself, his goals, and his passion.

Word'em up Ron!


Have you always been into drawing, visual graphics, art etc, or was it straight into the tattoo side of things for you? 

From a young age, as far as I can remember, I was always drawing. Throughout High school, my friends and I did graffiti, I did art and visual design and when I finished year 12, I got my certificate in Graphic Design. I kind of fell into the tattooing industry. As my trade being a graphic designer, I was designing a lot of my friends tattoos and they were getting them tattooed. My friend Dennis at the time was finishing up with his apprenticeship and hit me up to go for it. Dropped off my portfolio and surprisingly got it.


We've seen the phenomenal work you've crafted on our Creative Director, Jake, in particular your letter work and portraits, would you say these styles are your favourite?

Early in my tattoo career I did EVERY tattoo style you could think of, just to get my name out and get all the practice I could get. Script and lettering came natural to me as I did graffiti. As I got better at tattooing, I started to really enjoy black and grey pieces and I believe it's my strong suit so I stuck with it. 


You have garnered yourself a huge and growing Instagram following, do you think this plays a part in your popularity as a tattooist? Do many of your enquiries and jobs come from Instagram and your other social media outlets?

Back in the days, a tattooists popularity and street cred was dependant all by word of mouth. These days, Social media ESPECIALLY Instagram has been a n excellent platform for myself and all other creatives. It has allowed me to network with a lot of people who i wouldn't normally be able to reach out to. I got people from all over the globe checking out my work and it wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for social media.


You rep Geedup to the fullest, how did you come across the brand to begin with? 

I first came across the brand within the old store 'Crooklan'. The label was pumping out some fire then and when Crooklan changed into the Geedup flagship store, I was hooked. When I found out local boys from Western Sydney backed it, I loved it even more. 


If you were to put a complete Geedup outfit together, what would it consist of, from head to toe (kicks included)? 

Just copped the 'Geedup Originals' long sleeve tee, so I've been pumping that. Geedup heavy cargos in the Khaki colourway for shorts, Solar Red Nike Air max 90 Hyperfuses on my feet, topped off with the 'Murkers' A-Frame hat.


Say Geedup Co asked to do a collaborative piece with you, what would the design and concept consist of?

Would've been dope to collabo on a long sleeve shirt with both our logos, but with summer around the corner, I'm thinking of a tee with cut off sleeves with a low drop for the inked up boys to show off their artwork on their sleeves and ribs. 


To wrap things up, where do you see yourself in 5 years time with regards to your tattooing direction?

Hopefully have my own studio either here in Sydney, Hawaii or Thailand with a corner in the studio stocked with Geedup clothing to sell!

To see more of Ron's intricate work, follow @ronstagram on Insta! Get with it fam.



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