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GEEDUP Co. // AfterPay & Zip Pay Available.

The Sportsman Shell Jacket: Limited Edition


The Sportsman - by way of our definition - is a street athlete. It's a person who goes all in; someone who risks whatever they have to benefit in the biggest way possible. Someone who 'plays for keeps'.

Taking the sleek sports element of design and meshing it with the minds behind Geedup clothing is what gave birth to the Sportsman shell jacket - a piece that shows ingenuity and care, and maintains a dominant look.

This piece is strictly limited, with only 100 garments released in the whole of Australia. Sporting a red mesh lining throughout the inside, as well as customised silver buttons and a rubber appliqué with the iconic 'Play For Keeps' logo - this waterproof, nylon jacket is one of a kind. 

Set yourself apart from the crowd; play the game - don't ever let the game play you.



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