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For us, integrating with characters in the media world wields  fantastic new ideas and concepts that we're able to twist our style with.

Steven Guzman and his camp of talented affiliates are some of the best on the photography and videography front, and have been backing us strongly after impressing us with some solid content a while back.

We already know the skills on show when we see them, so it was time we found out the driving forces behind his other creative pursuits. Word 'em up Guzman.


Where did your love for creative visuals originally stem from?

Lord knows.

I guess surrounding myself with other creatives influenced me to create my own path. My family is very creative too, one of my older brothers is an architectural draftsman and the other is a graphic designer. Maybe it’s in the blood, but like I said, the Lord knows - he’s the one who gives and takes.


What is it that keeps you motivated, week in, week out, to keep creating?

The motivation week in week out would be knowing that there’s so many projects out there that need attention, and that keeps me on my grind. Like Biggie said “I LOVE THE DOUGH”… which is true because I’ve never met a dollar I didn’t like.


How did you come across Geedup Co in the first place?

I payed attention to Geedup once Lee Monro got involved repping the brand. I would constantly see him posting pictures of the new gear he would wear and I was impressed with the design and quality of it all. I guess that’s what makes Lee a good ambassador - i mean if he could get someone like myself who’s not easily impressed to wake the fuck up and take notice, then that's a job well done Lee!


If you could design anything for Geedup Clothing, what would it be?

I wouldn’t just design one thing, I’d go in hard from camera straps to lens hoods, to knuckle dusters to four finger rings, ear rings and pendants, woman’s clothing, Blurays - hell, even a fucking mixtape! If I’ve missed anything I’ll come up with it soon, just let me know when the next Geedup designers meeting is and I’ll be there brainstorming - or at least taking some pictures.


What’s your favourite piece of Geedup gear to date?

Hands down favourite piece to date would be HOME OF THE BRAVE t-shirts.

I was involved in the concept and shooting the visuals to that campaign so I might be sounding a little bias, but it’s close the heart for sure.


Lastly, are there any projects you’re currently developing, or people your working with, that deserve a mention?

There’s a few projects in the pipeline and by no means do I want to sound like I’m bragging, I’m just stating the fact that hard work is paying off and everyone I work with deserves a mention.

Firstly, i'm working with my brother and artist Mistah Mez. We're getting some more music videos under our belt and pushing him as a brand, which has already drawn some attention which he rightly deserves.

Secondly, i'm working with Lee Monro and Ello C for LMXEC’s S.O.O.N album, which has been long over due but it will be well worth the wait.

I'm working with a particular Nike franchise here in Sydney. Speaking with the owner looks like I’ll be the man for the job to create some visuals there. Hash tag SICK SON!

I’m also really involved in branding Circle Park and pushing their campaigns as being a boutique mens wear brand who design and manufacture everything here in Sydney. By setting that trend we already noticed a few other brands copying our style and shit, so we must be doing something right.

I’m also doing a lot of work in the fitness world putting together webisodes for people like Stephanie Rice and a few others, so keep your eyes open for that.

There’s a lot to mention - I do have my hands full but of course I'm always looking forward to working with Geedup. We already have our Spring concept in the bag so that will be heaps of fun.

You could say my motto is a lot like Geedup's - 'Play for Keeps' and 'Destroy Competition' - holla at your boy!

Peep his work at, or follow Steven on Instagram @stevenguzman




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