As hip-hop culture plays such a vital role in our development as a business and as people, we've come across some talented individuals that have helped us shape our perspectives and certain tastes.

I AM D is one of those people.

Tom Daley, as he is otherwise known, is an emcee from Brisbane who is not only a good friend, but a wildly talented artist, who's lyricism and hip-hop sensibility as a whole is incredible. He's also a top bloke.

We caught him at a good time, to ask him a few questions about where he's at as a rapper, where he was as a fan, and where he's currently headed.


What are some of your early influences in music?

Will Smith Getting’ Jiggy Wit It. I bought that from HMV (rip) as a single on CASETTE when I was 8 years old. Never looked back. I found out semi-recently that Nas may have ghost wrote that track. Nas is my favourite rapper of all time. It only makes sense.


At what point did you say to yourself, ‘I want to do this hip-hop thing for real’?

When I kept writing verses in class instead of paying attention to English. I never really had an interest to go to England at that point anyway. It would have looked like I was working hard though, huh?


You’re currently working on a new album. What is that whole process like for you, and where do you draw inspiration from?

I am, however, my immediate plans are just to make music and put it out, meaning I’m not focusing on pulling together a full album just yet. As far as inspiration goes I draw it from everywhere man. I draw it from other artists doing dope shit, the Joey Badass’, the J. Cole’s, The Dilated Peoples’ (who just brought out THE SICKEST album). I draw it from dope clothes, clean styles, black and white, and most importantly and above all - just being me and rolling with whatever comes in this grand spectrum of life.


If you could team up with any artist to do a track right now, who would you choose?

Chilla Don Killa (wait till this dude drops).


If you could design anything for Geedup Co, what would it be?

A camera case for my go pro.


What is your favourite piece of Geedup gear at the moment?

The limited 'Sportsman' shell jacket.


You can track I AM D as an artist by following @iamdmygee on Instagram and liking the 'I AM D' musician Facebook page. Be sure to also peep his latest film clip for his track 'Four One Five' that recently dropped.