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We constantly find ourselves surrounded by creative people and their ideas at Geedup. We never take any of our talented crew and supporters for granted, but sometimes we forget to discover what really makes them tick.

In this new section of the blog titled 'Word', we'll pick the brains of some of the people that work with us on a grassroots level in a range of areas, including models, photographers, musicians and all round contributors.

To kick things off, we chatted with Bree Fry, aka Bambi, who was a model for us in the latest shoot for part two of the winter collection. You can also check out the official video for the day below, courtesy of photographer and videographer Adam Scarf.


When did you start to pursue modelling? 

I started modelling when I was about 15 years old - I never really had an interest in the fashion industry, or even modelling, I was just really lucky. A photographer approached me and asked to take some photos. I was really nervous but I quickly got the feel for it. When the photographer posted them online, so many people contacted me and gave me crazy opportunities, and I've just been doing it ever since.


What were some of your early influences in style? What it is about streetwear that attracts you? 

I guess i've always kind of dressed in boyish clothes; from band shirts, to boyfriends shirts and baggy jumpers taken off friends. I always seemed to look either really girly or tomboy-ish. As i've grown older and matured, the influences of the weird fashion world and grungy streetwear kind of merge into one for my style. It really varies - sometimes I feel like dressing up in heels and a coat - other times I just want to put on a pair of nikes, jeans and a baggy jumper and beanie.


How did you first hear about Geedup Clothing?

I first saw the Geedup flagship store in Parramatta and was instantly drawn to the style of the clothing. After going inside the store and lurking the @geedupco instagram page, Beau approached me to do a shoot and I was pretty excited to jump onboard!


Do you have a favourite piece of Geedup gear you like to wear?

My favourite piece is probably the Black 'Station Crewneck'. It goes with everything and it's so warm, I wear it with blue jeans and nikes quite often.


If you could design anything for Geedup Co, what would it be?

It would probably be girls jeans! I can never find a nice pair of jeans that fit me. 


So after all is said and done, what's the future hold for Bree Fry?

Recently I was signed to a new agency called FiveTwenty, so hopefully i'll get booked for a few new exciting jobs with a lot of exposure and meet some new clients. I have a few shoots booked for upcoming months so i'm looking to start updating my page a lot more and stay active! 


Geedup Co. x Bree Fry - Winter Travels from Geedup Clothing on Vimeo.





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