I AM D | Four One Five

I AM D is back with a brand new single, which he's selected off his upcoming album which is currently in the works.

'Four One Five' is a homage to Brisbane - D's hometown - and details the various facets of life and crews that helped him grow as an artist, but moreso as a person. 

He drops in numerous references to the skate community and his friends in the scene, as well as a mention for Laced Brisbane - for all the sneaker freaks to swoon over. There's also an acknowledgement of other local talent, with a big shout out to one of the most influential Australian rappers, and Boomtowns very own hip-hop legend, Lazy Grey - an artist who paved the way for a lot of young rap enthusiasts in this country from the '90s and beyond.

No matter where you're from, you can appreciate the no-bullshit, down to earth nature of I AM D's lyricism - i know we do. You can track his movements as an artist on instagram by following @iamdmygee

Play this one loud folks!

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