The Importance Of The Hustler Mindset

We're coming at you today on some real shit.

We'll take a break from the clothing, what's happening in-store, and anything else behind the scenes that may usually occupy one of our blog posts. This small piece of writing will detail a mentality that shines through in everything we do in our personal lives, as well as the brand, and it will prick up the ears of every go-getter with similar views that follow us hand over heart. 

What do you automatically think of when you hear the word 'hustler'? Let me guess - hip-hop music. This is a pretty fair assumption, given the fact your favourite rapper has probably referenced the act of hustling in at least one of his songs - along with all the guns, drugs and girls that seem to come part in parcel with being a full blown hustler. What you might not realise is that hustling doesn't always make you a drug peddler, arms dealer, pro thief or thug motherfucker. I mean, do what you do, but hustling doesn't always have to mean something negative, that's all I'm saying.

As a matter of fact, hustling by definition is in no way a crime. Somebody who takes what they want, is constantly assertive, ambitious and proactive in everyday life, is an individual who mirrors the profile of a hustler. So yes, that shady looking guy on your street that has cars coming and going at all hours of the night is probably hustling his balls off, but now you might be as well, and in a very different way.

At the core of this issue lies a fundamental way of looking at the world.

To sum it all up for you, here are thirteen good reasons to adopt this mindset, and how to work through it at every step.

13. Be dangerous, without being threatening.

You still have to stick to niceties, but maintain a powerful stance, and use that to your advantage when the time is right. 

12. Act the part.

No matter what it is that you do - whether you've been doing it for years on end, or only a couple of months - present yourself as if you are fresh in this thing. Look presentable and conduct yourself accordingly. First impressions are key.

11. "Always clock late".

Nothing worth having comes easy. Think twice about calling it quits at the same time everybody else does - stay on your grind instead.

10. Have a swagger.

Throw out all preconceived ideas of what you think 'swag' is. Having a swagger about you means you go about your business with a confident mind. Let people believe you are the man for the job, even if you might not be.  

9. Be a Jack of all Trades.

Life is very unpredictable, in whatever line of work you're in. Keep up to date with your surroundings, and be ready to take on anything that may be thrown at you tomorrow - or 6 months down the track.

8. Know when to give up: Don't try and win battles at the expense of the war.

Sometimes you'll discover you're in over your head. Learn to dial back with your actions - there's no point in running yourself into the ground for little to no gain in the end.

7. Don't be afraid to try new things.

It's never too late, and never too soon to discover things about yourself and about business in general. It's rare to know exactly what you want to do and to be good at it at first glance, so explore your options.

6. It's a long process

Impatience can mean your untimely end. Make sure you've got it right, then take things day by day. Who do you think got where they are because they were in the right place at the right time? Get your head out of the clouds, but make sure you dream big, and work at it being a reality.

5. Practice makes perfect.

This is nothing new. You have to work at your craft until it's too much to bear - then work some more.

4. Don't show people your true cards.

Strategy in contemporary society is a must. You'll want to keep your skills and achievements to yourself at times, but also make light of them in certain situations. Play a poker face, and know what you're doing.

3. Know how to cut corners (when necessary).

Play the game like the judicial system - bend the rules for personal gain, but not so much so that you leave yourself open for intense scrutiny. Hard work pays off, but if you can get to your destination quicker, why not?

2. Always come out on top.

This is all about positioning. You may not be king of the hill, but work yourself to be better than the next man. Any victory, however big or small, is still a victory in enterprise.

1. Street smarts outweigh book smarts.

Book smarts are a must - to study the history of certain things and their circumstances is very handy, but life doesn't operate around written text.

Knowing how things work from a grassroots level, and dealing with instantaneous problems as they happen is the foundation of an individuals street smarts, and they are vitally important if you want to benefit in life.

"Book smarts are strengthened by repetition. Street smarts are strengthened by reaction".

Marinate on that for a minute. Stay Geedup.


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