Ambassador | Brenden Fing

Fingers. That's the name that should be bookmarked and favourited on your next internet search.

Brenden Fing is the name to be exact, the newest addition to the Geedup family, gangsta rap and '90s hip-hop enthusiast and talented deejay. With twelve years under his belt in the music industry, Brenden found his roots embedded in house music - a love that revealed itself from his experience in the club scene. After a while he found the quality of the genre was in a slight decline, so it was two years ago he made the switch to becoming wrapped in hip-hop music - being an avid lover and collector already. His influences span across the very early origins of hip-hop in the '80s, as well as the development of new age rap, in particular the emergence of artists like Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and the A$AP squad. 

Every month, Fingers will be creating his own mix for us to vibe to, in and out of the office. As he currently sets up a fresh studio in Drummoyne, you can expect him to bring the heat over the course of this project. Watch this space as he crushes through beats on the first Friday of every month.

You can follow his fan page here, and until the first mix, here's a selection of songs B's been listening to lately. Enjoy!

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