Winter Collection | Part 2

Over the months that have preceded June, we have churned out various designs in stages - the name for it being 'injections'. This is one way we've always operated with new content, and this year the workload has been strenuous, yet exciting at the same time because we know what streetwear enthusiasts in Australia are looking for - we just can't wait to give it to them.

This time last year we had a winter collection arrive. Chuffed as hell, we unloaded what would've equalled about 20 boxes or less off the pallets, and began thinking big for the future, saluting each-other as we marvelled a solid collection and solid partnerships. Now we're sitting in the middle of another year, and on Friday we sorted through over half a tonne of garments that we can proudly and difinitively say is the bulk of our winter collection for 2014. The ride has been incredible, and words can almost not express the gratitude we have for everyone who helped set the wheels in motion. Honestly, the anticipation has been bubbling away and at long last, we can take the proverbial blindfold off and reveal the heart and soul from this collection. I mean fuck; chuffed doesn't even begin to describe how we feel this time around. 

So now that you've got a winter collection - what's next you ask? Naturally there are a few things you can do besides trying it all on immediately. Recently our photographer friend and all round creative beast Steven Guzman experimented with some talent and our clothing to produce a video. After giving credit where credit is due, we decided to grab homeboys Rhys Adams and Alex Kerti for our winter photoshoot - alongside Guzman and his crew - and create a showcase that will give every streetwear head the chills. Turns out you don't have to leave the comfort of your gas heated room for that to happen.

This collection as a whole was meant to keep a clean look, while allowing subtle touches in design to really hit home with the consumer. The styles themselves have been done before, but not like this, and not always by us. Hoodies, shell jackets and a range of other essentials make up the core fabric of this winter range, and provide a nice freedom for choice - whatever style or look you want to experiment with, or that you already wear on a daily basis.

Nothing is ever just stumbled upon. It's the same principle that applies to every human on this earth; If you surround yourself in a particular environment or headspace, after a while the traits of those things rub off on you - creative or not - and will become a part of who you are. Winter Part 2 is a reflection of us, what we love, stand for, and ultimately what we think looks dope.

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