We have a new addition to the Geedup Co. family, only this time we have expanded once again outside Australian soil and found this street smart chicka from Santa Cruz, California.
We would like to introduce Savannah K., one of the new faces and brand ambassadors for Geedup Co. We asked her a few questions this week to give you more of an insight as to what she's about when not in front of the camera.

You will no doubt be seeing quite a lot more of Savannah K. in weeks to come with the release of our new Winter 2014 Pt. II Range.

How does it feel to be our first California Girl?
I am really thankful to have this opportunity to represent such a sick company. It feels quite lovely!

What is one thing you can absolutely not live without?
Definitely the beach. I never want to live away from the beach.

We know you have brains, what do you to get by and live comfortably?
I am a bookkeeper for two local businesses here in Santa Cruz. Aside from Modelling gigs that come every now and then.

Name some influences you have had?
I've always been very influenced by family, my grandfathers are my most positive influences.

What is your most favoured label to date?
I think Louis Vuitton takes the cake.

What is your favourite place you have traveled to?
Nosara, Costa Rica.

Lastly, B.I.G. or Pac?
B.I.G. no doubt about it!