A.B. Original Debut Three New Tracks

The scope of Australian hip-hop and its various messages are changing rapidly, and none impacting more than from the scene's Indigenous representatives.

This is where we introduce A.B. Original.

Trials and Briggs are the men behind this project. For years, Trials name has been held to high regard, for his contribution with famed Adelaide rap group Funkoars. Besides his work on a microphone, his hand at production has proved priceless to a long list of artists across the country, in both the underground and commercial markets.

Briggs is no stranger, either.

Hailing from Shepparton in northern Victoria, Briggs received widespread attention after the release of his debut EP ‘Homemade Bombs’, released in 2009. With a style reminiscent of the West Coast, Briggs has developed over the years, refining his sound and creating booming lyrical compositions that have won him numerous musical awards.

Through music - and their social presence - these two have done a lot to campaign, and to raise awareness for Aboriginal affairs. Briggs and Trials have taken black matters into their own hands, and thus, A.B. Original has been born.

The tracks debuted are 2 Black 2 Strong – a loud and proud anthem for black heritage, Firing Squad – featuring Hau and produced by SBX veteran Dazastah, and Dead In A Minute, featuring Caiti Baker – vocalist of Sietta.

We’re looking forward to the record, which is on its way this year, and the live shows that are set to ensue. Powerful hip-hop, here.


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