LMXEC Launch 'Overtime 3'


It's been a long, winding road for our homies LMXEC, who've slaved over their latest album titled Overtime 3 for the better part of two years. Now the time has arrived, and the official launch is happening tonight.

Comprised of 18 tracks, OT3 takes listeners on a thorough ride through the minds of Lee Monro and Ello C. Our New York connect J57 handles production on the introductory track Power, and Overtime Underpaid – his experience being put to good use.

The record really performs well in controlling the mood of the listener, too.

You can catch a gritty ‘90s vibe, partnered with standout lyrical displays on Gully Snuff, but a few tracks later we’re gifted with tracks like Believe, that challenge you to think of yourself on a larger scale and most importantly, force you to analyse the artists in a new light, and from a fresh perspective.

LMXEC share the LP well with a careful selection of names including Mr Clean, RG Wings, Storme, Dj D.Kutz, Will Singe, 360 – as well as a range of others that have helped craft a well rounded experience with the vocals of Lee and Ello.

Hosted by our friends from Big Village Records for their Home Bass event, we’re expecting The Bank Hotel in Newtown to be looking its best.

Doors are free. Come through to support our friends and their craft.

You can download Overtime 3 via Bandcamp by clicking HERE


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