Flashback Friday | The First Photoshoot

This one is a spin-out.

This is the flashback to where the foundations were laid. After the trial and errors that preceded this shoot, and the search for a label identity had finally been discovered with 'Geedup', the designs were ready to be snapped on a camera.

Complete with the first design we ever signed off on - the 'Eternal E' sweater - this shoot initially gained a lot of attention in Western Sydney, where Geedup had put down its roots. By drawing on hip-hop icons as a starting point and continuing to develop and add similar street presence to every design, the rest became history.

The flicks include the old business cards that were distributed in the thousands in both Sydney and Brisbane, as well as the stickers that were slapped on just about every surface you could think of. It's incredible how things can change in a matter of years.

Check out some of the snaps we dug out of the archives, and big ups to all those who are still with us since day one!


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