Flashback Friday | The Varsity Jacket

The Varsity - or 'Letterman' jacket - places its origins in America.

Some of the earliest styles of jackets and sweaters bearing large letter styles can be attributed to Harvard University, as far back as 1865, where baseball players began to recieve jackets if they made important plays, or if they were team captains. 

Nowadays, the same style of jacket is universal, and today is a tribute to the Varsity jacket we tailored for Geedup back in 2011.

The hype at the time was centered around the re-emergence of snapbacks, fitted caps and jackets that were originally conceived in the United States. Ours was a simple black and white colourway, with a traditional 'G' stitched on the left side over the heart, and 'Geedup' script on the right. Turn around, and we had the label name in an arch across the back with the words 'Steady Rockin' embroided underneath. Leather arms and a fleece body to boot - classics always work best.

It was so dope to see the amount of interest invested in this design, as well as the support we still get now when we pick one out of the cupboard, brush the dust off and throw it on our backs.

Since winter is moving in slick and fast, we urge all those cats with their three year old Varsity's to do what you do best - steady rock it!

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