We never like to say it's so, but we've been losing our grip on Summer for a little while, which has become all the more relevant as of late with the weather in Sydney.

A few weeks ago, we grabbed our boy Lewis, and made the pilgrimage to Wylies Baths in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, for an early morning swim, and to showcase some of our most recent garments.

We weren't alone either.

Eurasian Hotties are a creative powerhouse when it comes to photographic direction and model talent, so teaming up with them in a beachside setting was a no-brainer. Shouts must be given here to @xybpimages (www.xybpimages.com) for being the one to bring our two worlds together, too. Accompanied by the lovely Mimi (@mimiperkins) and Lea (neon_blood), the experience became a seamless homage to our favourite season.

Of course, our talented friends behind the lens - Redscope - were there to catch everything on camera. Their production is always breathing new life into every project, and added yet another creative style into the mix which we've all benefited from.

Photographer Justin Fox also made an entrance, taking control of stills from behind the scenes. We've worked with Justin before and anyone who knows anyone in his industry, knows that Justin is credible as hell.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so imagine what a whole gallery AND a video will tell you? Take a look at the end of Summer,  through the eyes of EH and Geedup Co.