Flashback Friday | Beats AND Pieces Showcase

Another flashback to the days and hazy nights of 2012.

Geedup was in full throttle with regards to garnering support, and Bondi turned out to be the best spot to showcase the latest threads off the production line to follow the latest photoshoot we had done. Internationally acclaimed graffiti artist and Sydney native Swaze Ballesteros (SFX Crew) was throwing down some serious heat on a canvas out back, while a few lowriders sat on show out the front. It was one of those nights where the brand made a clear statement. We had a fresh feel in the scene; here are our clothes, now let's party.

Purely a night reserved for the photo albums, even looking through the flicks now seems like it was only yesterday that everyone was pouring down to the club. 

It goes to show that while so many things change over time, the core essence of who you are doesn't disappear. Designs and trends fade in and out, but this had '90s cheek written all over it.  

It's still good times, good people, and still hip-hop as fuck.


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