Flashback Friday | The Backroom Photoshoot 2012

We've been getting nostalgic.

We've got designs in the works for upcoming collections. We've got important collaborations with labels and artists that we're hustling for - and securing - and we've got a tight crew that's putting in the hard yards to not just build the brand, but build relationships at the same time. Things are crazy, and it's times like this that make us reflect on how far we've come. 

In 2010, 3D technology had only just hit the marketplace, Eminem was releasing the now platinum Recovery album, and Geedup Clothing Co was founded. So much has changed in the scene; the trends and fashion have warped completely, people have come and gone from our lives, and now we're looking down the barrel of 2014 and wondering if we've all been walking in a fucking dream for four years.

This is the space now where we pay homage. 

The memories are what remind us of our faults and our successes, where we come from, and the essence of what it is we strive to do - not to mention all the party and bullshit that's caused us so many headaches and good times all at once, you'd think we would've called it quits by now. 

Flashback to 2012, when we dropped our first collection of tees and singlets, getting drunk and rolling joints at Backroom club in Kings Cross with a photoshoot underway. This was a first major step into developing the perfect prints and custom feels for some of our clothing. You might catch some familiar faces, and more notably some of the threads we were rocking with at the time.

From all of us here at Geedup HQ, we thank you for all the big love to date, and the belief in streetwear as a lifestyle, not just a fashion statement. Peep the shoot below, and bless!


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