GEEDUP Co. // AfterPay & Zip Pay Available.
GEEDUP Co. // AfterPay & Zip Pay Available.

Geedup Champion Rings

The time to get your knuckles fitted has arrived, with the eagerly anticipated 'Champion Rings' now doing the rounds.

The rings are our way of allowing you to rock something fairly unique, while not going over the top in price or design - keeping these pieces simple but admirable. Our most dedicated customers, that have spent their hard earned cash on threads of ours in excess of $1000 will also recieve one of these for free. It's a token of our appreciation for the weeks, months and years they've stuck by us and the culture that inspired us and gave our imagination real life.

Champions, the lot of you.

The rings are available now in both sterling silver and gold plated makes, but only as a limited release. Get that 'G' on your fingers, now.

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