Brooklyn is in the building - quite literally.

Recently we added another canvas to the collection from local artist Sophie Al-Bazouni, whose passion for all things hip-hop and RnB led her to create this astonishingly dope portrait of the late Christopher Wallace (that's Biggie Smalls for all you sheltered motherfuckers).
If you haven't already noticed, we are very much influenced and inspired by the rappers work and story, which tends to shine through in our creative mentalities and ultimately some of our designs.

Biggie was a powerful key figure in the East Coast rap game throughout the early to mid '90s, and paved the way for thousands of other hungry artists, producers and creatives before he was shot dead in 1997 - not to mention the millions of other people that have been affected to this day. He was and always will remain a preacher; Brooklyn's Jesus. But it's like he made abundantly clear - "You're nobody 'til somebody kills you".

This piece is a cherished one, and there'll be plenty more to follow on the local artist front with that. One love.