Winter 2014 | Part 1 - Tees

The winter months are going to be as icy as ever, and like always, we've got you covered.

2014 is already moving thick and fast, and our new winter tees are another great addition to the highly anticipated collection that's well on its way.

On Tuesday morning we were snapping flicks of model Alex Kerti in Woolloomooloo, before most people had even had their bacon and eggs - or woken up for that matter. Showing off the newest script t-shirts was on the agenda, and the change of scenery was a welcome one that not only gave the crew a boost leading into the next release, but put a spring in our step for the rest of the day. Daily development shit, it's essential.

Coming with your standard white, navy and black colour schemes in various coloured fonts, we thought it was time that you updated your wardrobe just that extra mile. Peep the photos below for a better look. 

Online: Pt.1 Winter Tees


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